Prior to pregnancy, most women have most probably never heard of KEGEL exercises or can’t actually locate the muscles of their pelvic floor. Your pelvic floor is basically the hammock across which your ever growing womb reclines during the 40 weeks of pregnancy. The bottom line (no pun intended ;)) is that these muscles take huge amounts of strain during your pregnancy and therefore should been recognized, located and exercised from the minute the 2 blue lines appear on your home pregnancy test!

Unfortunately, so many women are misinformed and believe that their pelvic floors are just peachy if they are having/have had Cesarean sections. The truth is that your pelvic floor is most greatly affected by the 9 months of pressure on the muscles, and not only through natural labour. To avoid complications such as pelvic prolapses, incontinence and stretching, KEGEL exercises should be practiced daily.

KEGELS….? ….sorry what?!?!

Simple clenching exercises to improve the strength of your vaginal wall muscles.


The easiest way to find these muscles is to try stop the flow of urine when you next go to the toilet. Those muscles that halt the flow are the pelvic floor muscles. Once you recognize and are able to control your “clenches”, you are able to practice these exercises discreetly and without hitting the gym any time you want. Vary your exercises from pulse-like clenches to holding the clench for 10 seconds, increase your repetitions and holding time as you feel stronger.

Perhaps post a little note on your bathroom mirror to remind you to do your exercises while you apply make-up, or practice your Kegels while you commute to and from work. Or just do them any time you remember… every clench helps!

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